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"The walks in the woods were highlights to the day, and doing yoga on the beach followed by swimming was splendid and refreshing." 

— A.M.

How Healthy Are Your Breasts?

I Have Breast Cancer

This site is designed to empower you, educate you, support you in making lifestyle changes to help your recovery, and inform you about naturopathic therapies that can complement conventional treatments.

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I am a Thriver!

If you've had breast cancer in the past, this site has many valuable resources that you can utilize to stay disease-free in the future.

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I am Healthy!

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. If you are currently disease-free, now is the time to make sure you stay healthy! This Web site provides you with valuable resources on how to stay healthy.

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I am a Health Care Provider

I am committed to helping girls and women maintain their health. I am interested in resources and training to help me support my clients and patients. I want to learn more >>